Extra Long Leather Opera Gloves
Extra Long Leather Opera Gloves
Extra Long Leather Opera Gloves
Extra Long Leather Opera Gloves
Extra Long Leather Opera Gloves
Extra Long Leather Opera Gloves

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Extra Long Leather Opera Gloves

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- Made to order, by hand (expect 10 to 15 working days).
- Length: 70 cms (contact us for custom length)
- Pain or Button wrist with Raised stitching.
- Soft sheep leather, smooth grain, Light to medium weight (0.5 -0.6 mm)

- Fabric lining.

Free shipping by registered post . (Expect 18 to 24 days transit time).

To establish the correct size please measure both your hand and arm circumference according to the diagrams to establish your size. Do not base your size on any other gloves you may own.

Extend the arm in a straight line as if pointing and measure its circumference from the tip of the middle finger upwards at 10 cms intervals and compare with the attached charts.

Please contact us before placing an order if you have a deadline.

Genuine Leather Disclaimer:

- Leather is a natural product. Shade, grain, variation and markings all are unique to each hide and inherent to leather. Growth marks, bruises, scars are natural characteristic and distinguish leather from man-made substitutes. It is not possible to completely obscure all of the natural markings that show on the surface of leather, other than by coating it with a thick finish.
- Wherever product is unlined, colour transfer may occur when in contact with palm moisture.
- Leather is an organic product and may on occasion carry an odour some might find disagreeable.
- Wearability of leather is relative to care and use.

- Size 6" (S): hand circumferences 6.0" - 15 cms
- Size 6.5" (S): hand circumferences 6.5" - 16.51 cms
- Size 7" (M): hand circumferences 7.0" - 17.78 cms
- Size 7.5" (L): hand circumferences 7.5" - 19.05 cms
- Size 8 (XL): hand circumferences 8.0" - 20.32 cms
- Size 8.5 (2XL): hand circumferences 8.5" - 21.6 cms
- Size 9 (3XL): hand circumferences 9" - 23 cms
- Size 9.5 (4XL): hand circumferences 9.5" - 24 cms



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